Monday, July 13, 2015


My grattitude post. I read in The Gifts of Imperfection about how the people who are the most joyful aren't the richest or most successful,  they're the most greatful. This is my attempt to be more joyful.
Who doesn't want/need more joy in their life? One of my favorite parts in Disney's InsideOut movie, other that it was used as a bribe for my kiddos to get their chores done, is the take home message that all emotions are a part of us and arenecessary. "Men are that they may have joy(2Nephi 2; 23)", and to know joy I have to experience sorrow too. Another question from Buddahism for Beginners, " How many people do you know who're grateful, who aren't truely happy? "
I am grateful for:
Being in a book club with my Grandma Baugh
My trials, thanks for President Taylor's example.
My family:
A brillantly talented wife, whose #1 talent is love. super kiddos
amazing parents
CHAMPION sibblings
Extended family and Inlaws who are always around to help out with anything and everything.
My abilities, I gain more every week at Neuroworx
My friends, they're absolutely CHAMPION
My garden, there's something theraputic about growing one.
My beliefs and testimony, I hear all the time how people don't know where they'd be without the Gospel. The scary thing is that I know where i'd be.
I've always had an awesome ward family and neighbors. Someone left a frozen dinner and gifts on our doorstep this week.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Text-aholic help

Another CHAMPION app: LDS texts  Hello, my name is Curtis Baugh and I am a texting addict. I just sent a few and I cannot stop. I'm practicing for my first AA group tonight. I'm nervous, but need help.
My Bishop helped me in my Sunday School class a few weeks ago, I teach the 14 to 18 year olds, and he told them that he got 10x texts from me every week. He shared this as he taught about how I'm an endeared friend of his, now that we are frequently in contact with each other. He compaired this to our need to endear ourselves to the scriptures.I laughed and told them all that I'm a high maintenance friend. My team teacher Connor Christensen joked with me at the end of class that he only got two to three texts from me in a week?! My come back was that he knew where he stood now on my friendship totem pole texting list.
I do better with parameters,  like my twin bro Matthew asked me not to text before 5AM, I won't text my sister Amyers or my Mommsy before 10 and my friend Shane Myers, I almost scared away when he was made my EQ President, but now that we chatted about how many texts are appropriate per day.
There are somethings that get lost in text-ation. Lex has to remind me that although she's known me and gets my sense of humor, I should choose to communicate that in person rather than via text.

A few months back we had an Elder's Quorum lesson on prayer and the billions of dollars that are spent on communication.  I love my Heavenly Father and am grateful for His love..

Saturday, July 4, 2015


On this Veteran's Day I am grateful for the price paid for my every day freedoms.
I choose. I am responsible for my choices. I remember reading  "The 7 Tipping Points That Changed The World" a few years ago, and realizing the significance of the every day freedom that has become mundane to me.
We watched the movie "McFarland"
at my inlaws on the 4th of July and I cried at the second-rateness of the treatment of the Latin American people. I love them and am grateful for their cultural influence on me and the world, their infulence of importance of family, love of others and strength of character.
In my freedom post, I'm thinking of Brave Heart. On my mission, in my last area of Tocapilla, I was adopted by hermana yenny and Lucho. They understood my sarcastic sense of humor. Hermana Yenny always had the biggest smile on her face. One time it was even larger than normal as she greeted us with, "FREEDOM!" She had just watched Brave Heart.
I am grateful for the freedom that is offered to me by my Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement. I know that through him, despite my unworthiness in my struggling that I will become  whole and free from the bondage of sin and sorrow. He is my hope today and every day. I love Him.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Conundrums continued

Recurring life's theraputic gnawing at me continued:
saiah 55:8;
¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord
The more I do the more I expect out of myself. That is both uncomfortable & scarey as well as exciting & encouraging.
I cannot turn off my brain, a blessing and a curse.
Impaired judgment, I wish it was only at 2AM & me geetting up to go to the bathroom, but it happens more often than I care to record. That makes me sound so old, CHAMPION Birthday Eve indeed.

Things i Fight:
continually conserving energy
hightend irratability/state of agitation
inability to focus on more than one thing at a time
sleepwalking through life TBI excuse/exception impaired judgement snoozeblazea
Why feeling
ringing in the ears
Become as a child, put away childish things
Looking beyond the mark & cleaning
Reality, live now, change now
Watch yourself, whosoever shall lose his life shall
Save it. Self talk & self control under mindcontrol post, Mosiah 4:28
Purpose in pain, please let/help me to figure out the source so that'll be able to stop it, and thrive instead of merely survive, or perhaps this is my thrive state of being?
To everything there is a season,  but wanting to be everything right now
Wanting to be everything good & CHAMPION
My rehab Dr. Keeps telling me that as long as I am sleeping, I will make it. He told me and my family when I was moved from the ICU directly to the rehab dloor in the hospital that sleep was as important as rehab.

Worrying about worrying
So I am heavily medicated to be able to sleep for your protection & rhis purpose
Insomnia runs in my family, my Pa, & grandma Baugh
Joe Sorenson's father always writing his ideas down and making millions
Goals are just fantasies unless they're written down
My new obsession with verbs, life IS therapy
Spanish lesson 3 verbs for our to be, haber, ser, and estar
Pres. Uctdorf's talk in Priesthood session of conference, Is it I Lord?