Saturday, November 29, 2014

My CHAMPION Inspiration
I know this guy and love him. Thank you Dale Hull for being who you are, you're CHAMPION in my book. I am amazed at your ability to take a negative event in your life and make it into something not only positive for yourself, but to reach out and to help so many others do the same thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I found this app evernote about a year ago, or so. It helps me to keep track of all the things that I want to write about here.  Here is my list of hysterical thing that have happend:

I'm still making some great progress at Neuroworx every Thursday with Mikey. I was working with him on kneeling and supporting myself in a 'quad' position with my hands and arms on the ground as Lance was also helping to give support for me to engage my left side, when Lance said. "That is all you Curtis,. . . ALMOST!" Thanks Lance, don't sugar coat things for me, I can take it. I remember trying the same exercise when I first started at Neuroworx and I wasn't anywhere close to" ALMOST." Another on of my mantras is, "slow and steady wins the race."(Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows)

One of my finer parenting moments: I am sitting on the couch at my in-laws with Coleman when he gets in a fight with one of his cousins and puts him in a headlock. To get Coleman off his cousin, I get Coleman in a headlock. Thankfully Aunty Em saw that I had just lost it and came over to talk to Coleman.
I have been going to institute class with my mom and dad on Thursday nights, yes, Thursdays are full days for me, with Neuroworx in the morning and institute class at night. Last week we were talking about how the Old Testiment prophet, Ezekiel was commanded to not only testify, but to act out the prophecies that the Lord gave to him. Pa and I were giggling in class together as we read about his plight, I hope that it is alright to say that you were giggling with me my Pa.Men still giggle, right?
Mikey at Neuroworx dressed up as Batman nwearing an aextra large 'onesy' for his Halloween costume, When he was asked what he was for Halloween he replied, "I ate him(Batman) and stole his clothes."
In view of my last post, "Too Chill" I've been reminiscing about my medication hiccups, I worked with Matt Carter, a new hire at Neuroworx, a few weeks ago, he noticed that my tone was worse than normal. He asked if I took anything to help with it. I explained to him that I was originally on a medication that had the rare side effect of urinary retention AND urgency. It was hell for me. Lex called my Dr. and got the nurse on call for superscription refills, who told her that those were really rare side effects and I shouldn't just stop taking it. Lex told him that I was an adult who had a choice to refuse treatment. I am on another muscle relaxant that I take once a night and haven't had any adverse reactions or side effects yet. Again, a trial and error thing.
I took up meditation right before the accident, in hide-sight, this was yet another tender mercy. I checked out a book from the library that lead me through a nature-walk to get my mind calm, it used numbers with a visualizations, like, " One . . .fun" they rhyme, so I even I can remember them.  I remember in the hospital using this, nonstop. Once when I had to do a body-scan and drink this radioactive dye for the test, I got to "three. . .tree" and thought of Max climbing a tree, which made me think like my Maxwell and rhyme "pee" with three and tree and then I couldn't do the test because I had to stop drinking and pee.
Speaking of Max, my kiddos get on movie kicks, I try to regulate and sneak in a PBS educational program as often as possible, such as 'Magic School Bus.' A few weeks ago they got stuck watching Disney's "Hercules" over and over again. We got it at the library on DVD, we had it on VHS, but are still not sure where all of our things are, ahh the joys of moving, anywho my point is that my kids have seen it before, but it has been a few years, it was fun to see them experience it differently, Maxwell especially thought it was funny, with fits of laughter at anything remotely funny.
 I love living in Murray. I miss our neighbors in West Jordan yes, but living close to my sister Amy is better than I ever could have imagined. She helps take Coleman to preschool three times a week, since her oldest, Jaylee, is in the same class.I get to go with her to drop them off, which takes us conveniently by a 7-11. Amy has two addictions, that I know of, cheesedogs and slurpees. We try to be good and only treat ourselves to slurpees on Mondays. Who doesn't need a pick me up on Mondays? But if one of us isn't feeling well, we are both, sympathetically, pulled into helping the other person out by treating them to a slurpee. How can you say no to a slurpee? You cannot have a bad day with one. We also enjoy texting one another, just as long as neither of us are driving while we are texting. I like to refer to our texting back and for as a " texathon." It usually includes a series of texts trying to one up the other person in funniness. CHAMPION times.
I get sympathy where ever I go, I constantly remind myself that to people who don't know me, I am that person you see and wonder what happend to them and are immediately grateful for everything you do have. My most recent outting was last night at Murray High School's Sound of Music production, but it happens even at home. Lex was standing by the fridge and I went to put something in it and was caught off balance without my cane. I looked over at Lex and she was leaning with me in the direction that I needed to go to get myself back in balance.
Our Kids have picked up on being home with Mr. Mom, becoming pranksters, just like their dad. One morning I got up and went to get dressed in our spare room, where I have taken over the closet and found a Hippo sticker placed on my sock bin to scare me. My kids know that I am afraid of Hippos because one pooped on me when I was a kid at the zoo.They all came in giggling and asking me if they had scared me.
I love reading with my kiddos.I learned through my work at KUED that the number one thing you can do to help your kids read is read yourself. Yet another excuse to be reading my life away in five books right now.  I feel like I missed part of the process in teaching Abby to read and am excited to be here to help coach Max. Our favorites are:Awesome Man,  Super Heroes, I Love My Hat,& Memoirs of a Gold Fish. But don't take my word for it, check them out at your local library and see for yourself, thanks again for my work at KUED, a local PBS station and Lavar on Reading Rainbow
We went a few months ago to the Ogden City Temple Open House with my side of the family We stopped at  Cick-Fil-A to grab some lunch and Amy, in her Sunday best sat down next to her youngest, Emery, after getting them all their food, only to find that she sat down on the sauce packetthat Emery had moved from the table to the bench.It is only funny because it happened to you Amers and you could laugh about it
Our new home has a wood burning fireplace and chimney. At the beginning of Fall, a bird flew down it and came out in our living room one Saturday morning. Lex got attacked by the confused 'Santa Claus 'bird.She tried to get it out our front door with a broom, but it wouldn't go near her. I finally had her stand in the hall way with the broom, so that it wouldn't get trapped in one of our rooms, and left the front door open.Abby came running upstairs crying because Mom was screaming. Fun times at the Baugh home.
We went and saw RIO2 at the end of summer this year and fell in love with the Gabby character because she reminds us of Abby and all of her theatrics. We still love watching it and repeating lines that she says, Wait for me.  . . Don't leave me!"
I am sarcastic, that already been a blog post. At Neuroworx, working with Mikey  to tells me that I am tight, to which I replied, "tell me something that I don't know."Justin, another therapist friend of mine hears me say this and replies, "Some turtles breath through their butts!" Note to self be careful what you ask for. Who knew?!
I mentioned that in moving we've misplaced somethings, but we have also found things that we have always had, but forgot about them. One of these thing are our movies.Max, Coleman, & Abby were watching Nemo  and talking about what they liked about it. It was funny to hear them talk and ask if they really had beeneaten by a  whale, they understood that the whale wasn't eating them, but that Dorey and Martin were just trapped in its mouth. Maxwell was adimate that the crabs were crabs and not spiders, I think he was trying to convince himself more than the rest of us.
I mentioned my sister Amy's two addictions, that I know of. She, the lucky sister who not only lives close to me, but right next door to our mom and dad. So when my parents need help, guess who gets to be their number one go to person, that's right my lucky Amers She gets to not only help me with Coleman and getting him to preschool, but also is the fall back if there is a conflict with my Pa taking me to therapy. On one such occation, I tried to make it more worth her time by paying for a cheesedog on our way home. We got one for .Jaylee too and as she was eating her cheesedog, she broke down because of the bread around the cheese, and it was hot. Amers lovingly bit the top off to let it cool down. I would've just eaten my kids, if there was any complaint from them.
I told Coleman about going to therapy with Grandpa on Thursday when it was a Wednesday thinking that he would be excited, he looked at me and said, "no I want to go to school."Oh well, for getting excited to be with my Pa. Sorry Grandpa, but school won this time.
ColeAmers came to pick up Coleman for preschool one day and brought a Minnie Mouse carseat for him to sit on. Coleman just sat on the lawn, he wouldn't get in the car. When Amy opend the door to let him in she had tried to angle the seat so that he wouldn't notice it, but Jaylee announced to him that "he was lucky to get to sit in the Minnie Mouse seat today!"Nice try my Amers. She tried to tell him that it was no big deal, "No one would even see him on it." Coleman didn't care who saw him, he knew he was sitting on it.
We are starting a new tradition of watching the Priesthood session at Pa's house and eating buffalo burgers before. The MTC missionaries singing and Kevy felt sorry for them,saying, "they don't know what they're in for!" Matthew responded that Kevy will be a good mission president someday, telling the his missionaries, "This sucks, but it gets better, if you can do this you can do anything."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Too chill

That is what my chill pill makes me. I started taking a medication that my neuro-doctor recommended  because I mentioned that I had noticed a change in my ability to I get in control of my frustrations. I've been the calm and collected one in our parenting with our kiddos and I found myself post-TBI with a shortened fuse, so to speak. I would fly into a rage, but on the meds, the pendulum was swung to the other side. I found myself in an avoidance state of mind and being, instead of engaging in life.
Thanks to my Lex who calls me out on this behavior and lovingly problem shoots with me. I have learned, by life experience to take it every other day, but am currently off of it all together. Somethings in life you just learn by trial and error.
So I am off it now. Here we go, I am no longer heavily medicated for your safety. I do remember a time when I would wake up to pain and immediately take pain meds to be able to catch my breath. I am glad to be alive and progressing, even if that makes it hit or miss posting on here.