Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to School Quack

Abigail and Maxwell started back at school. They are going to my old elementary school. Horizon Elementary, which has left me home alone with the Colemister. He'll start preschool on Sept. 3rd with his cousin Jaylee, going three times a week.That will give me the chance to go and volunteer at Horizon in Abby and Max's classrooms and in the dual immersion Spanish program.
Abby was nervous to leave her friends, but makes friends as soon as she knows someones name. Max was nervous to go to school all day, but has been a trooper. Both are exhausted, especially Abby because of her Dear Edwina show that started last week too. I have her :1. wash her hands
2. get a snack.3.  take a nap when she gets home from school. so to be ready to get to her show by 7 and isn't back for bed until 9:30 ish.

Friday, August 22, 2014


We had a Baugh family reunion this summer that was just down the street, at one of the pavilions on the Jordan River parkway, My Pa helped me to get myself and the two boys there, Abby and Lex were at Abby's rehearsal for her second musical that she is in this summer. I think she has caught the acting bug.It was a CHAMPION time for all and my cousin's daughter Miranda Seminario deiced to do face-painting. I couldn't resist to wait in line to get a pink and purpul butterfly with the word "DORK" written across my forehead, she made me promise to tell her parents that I had requested the word. She improvised when I told her that this was to make Abby even more jealous that she wasn't able to come, and added a big pink bow on the other side, to balance out the butterfly heavy one side of the job. By the way, Abby was heart broken that she missed it, but helped me clean up the next morning. Since she has had so much experience getting stage make up off. She is growing up way to fast.
At our first Uncle Mike & Aunt Sue-Sue's pool outing for the season, Coleman tried on every pair of goggles he could find and then got out of the pool only to pee on the cement before making it upstairs to the bathroom.I am wondering how many of my laughing/funny posts begin with something about my Coleito, I am sure they all contain at least one thing about him. while we were moving he found the Grinch movie and kept asking to watch "Crinch,"It took me a few days to figure that one out, but I still cannot correct him.It makes me giggle.
Coleman has picked up on catch phrases, such as, "Come On!" " Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom!"
My first thought, the morning after we had moved in with the Shaffers was a line from the movie Condorman;"I may never move again!"
Abby had a dance/music recital for a class that she does with her Aunt Lisa Noyes. She had practiced her song,'Happiness' fom, You'er a Good Man Charlie Brown for a few months and was super excited. When it was her turn the microphone that they had didn't have good batteries in in, so she sat there smiling while her music played and the tech crew ran around finding a new mic. I was so proud of her when they finally got one and handed it to her, she was composed enough to sing her heart out. I was so nervous that she would not be able to do it and get to scared and run of the stage at any moment, but she didin't, my little girl is growing up and the anxiety is pushing me to the edge!What am I going to do when she starts dating? Breath Curtis. that's not for another 8 years.
It is a running joke in my wife's family that her father is bald, one of her sister's friends-are you still with me? told her that," Your dad is handsome for a bald man." I almost stuck my foot in my mouth when I had the thought to tell him that we soon would be out of his hair.
Abby and her second cousin are two pea's in a pod, while at Sunday dinner they, Miranda and Abby were directing all of the cousins in their dress ups on the tramp. Miranda said, "Greetings to all the princesses, knights, and for the first time we have allowed ninjas."
Max, the ninja, taught himself to do a from flip on the tramp, while we were downstairs in our new home I asked him if Abby saw him do it. He excitedly told her that he could show her right there! I tried to stop him, but it was too late and he landed on his back in his attempt.
Unpacking thing in our new home is a new adventure, trying to find all the things that we know we have, somewhere. I have told my family members that it's like Christmas in July with a new home and getting all of the things that have been sitting in boxes for a month.
Lex watches me going up the stairs and tells me,"Should have had a V8 today."

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's all about Mind Control

Me controlling mine that is and not anybody elses'.
The first thing that comes to mind when I mention "mind control, is a villain "Mr. Big" on PBS' Wordgirl, yes all I need to know I learned from PBS kids shows.
I already mentioned that for summer reading Lex has been given, 'As a Man Thinketh' as well as Victor Frankl 's 'Man's Search for Meaning', just to name a few, and my good friend Ryan Castro gave me a copy of 'Thoughts for a hundred days' by Richard L. Evens, both of which have caused me some serious introspection time.
I am leaning that for me, self control is this mind control. If I can start there. I won't have problems. It all starts with a thought.On Candeo, I've learned the FRC approach to deal with unwanted thought patterns. FRC stands for, Face it, Replace it and Connect.Face it means you acknowledge the thought and where it could go, if you let it. It is not allowing myself to get caught in an avoidance cycle of withdrawing and seeking to escape everyday life problems, but to really deal with reality courageously. Second is to Replace the unwanted thought with something more powerful. Stay with me here, it is like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban when he tries yo learn how to do the spell to ward off the dementors and professor Lupus tells H to think of something more powerful than his first game of quidich. My thought has been my family and being a husband and father. A powerful thing happened to me just this past weekend that got me thinking of this. We went to Lex's and my brother-in-law's place and it wasn't somewhere we had been before, they are staying in his father's condo while their home is being built. Any who, I was walking to the car that was parked across the street and got scared to the point I was planning the best way to fall down, the way to get the least hurt and out of the blue Lex came to me, on my left side and offered me her hand. I was relieved and didn't go down, but made it back to the car across unknown terrain, because of Lex's help. I know that I can do anything with this amazing woman by my side. I love her and am grateful for her love and support.With this new emotionally charged, rescue memory. I am excited to continue to go forward. I logged onto today and came across Ty's story on I was touched by his story and how relate-able it is to my own physical progress to "just take the next step."I know as Ty states, that I am loved too.
The last step in FRC is connect. I am limited in my ability to connect with others, as I am not able to jump in a car and drive myself anywhere, but my cell phone is always with me and I love to write letters to those who impress me. I treasure the letters of encouragement  that family and friends have given to me.I watched a BYU devotional that was on today that talked about the scripture in Mosiah 4:27 and the need we have to use wisdom, as well as being diligent. I feel that this counsel applies to me with FRC.

Monday, August 4, 2014

#Meekness Monday

In Sunday School we talked about how Moses was the meekest man, It got me thinking about the definition of meek. I was surprised to find that it was so difficult for me to come up with a definition to a word that I commonly hear in the scriptures, talk about one of the mysteries of the kingdom. I started texting my brother Matt and my Pa for their insight and help.We came up with humbly acknowledgement of the true Sourse of strength, our Savior Jesus Christ. My Pa found this talk by Elder Maxwell:
 When I first read it, I thought, well now I know for sure that I will never make it, but that didn't stop me from reading it again and again, telling my Pa that I will never be bored again because of this talk and the wealth of potential progress it helps to outline.I wanted to get your thought on this talk please help me define Meekness