Thursday, November 26, 2015

Grateful for ;p

I am grateful for humor in my life on this CHAMPION Thanksgiving Day. Here is my Evernote memo titled "Lol". It helps remind me to look for the humor in the mundane:

While Lacey was asking our Pa in desperation how to help Taydum with her constipation problem(no, there's nothing off limits here, I just got started), my whole family joined in on how to get good fiber in their diet. I had to laugh because we're not that old and it seems like an old person conversation, but I'm grateful for the useful information that I gleaned from it.

Teaching Coleman's preschool Spanish on Fridays and teaching them the wrong name for a color, I told them that "morado" was brown. It is really purple. Whoops, I hope there's no permanent damage to their developing minds. I brought Maxwell and Abby with me on one Friday, when they weren't in school. Max was upset that Mr. Coleman didn't have preschool tomorrow, So that he could go and teach with me. He told me last night that he really wished that he was in the Spanish immersion program. I smiled and told him that he could continue to learn Spanish at home with me. He said," I know, but they get to bring show and tell, even in third grade!" Priorities of a second grader. I'm grateful that his main concerns are those.

I Blew bubbles at therapy and my therapist laughed at me because I told them that when i tell my kids, that they would be jealous that I got to do this at therapy. They said, "your kids must not ever believe you Curtis." My come back was that I must have done at least one thing right then. When I told Abby about it, I tried to explain to her that my therapist tried to distract me and I got confused, and  stumbled over my words, she smiled looked up at me and said, "oh, just like what we do when we try to get Penny to crawl? Penny is her 18 month old cousin.

Hiding not on purpose, clean clothes from Lex, her jeans, and then not being able to find my clean underwear and undershirts. My life's so entertaining. I'm glad that Lex laughs with me and then goes and buys me new t-shirts and underwear. I was over due anyways for new ones. TMI again , I know,

How a single lunchable is a complete meal for my three kiddos, but they all take what they want; Coleman takes the meat, Abby takes the crackers, and Max takes the cheese. They just pass it around the table. I'm grateful that they share, even if it is sharing what they don't want. I'll take it for starters.

Coleman saying, "hey" at Gardner Village because of the hay bails and me looking for something to "hey" about as he crawled all over me there. I'm grateful for his dry sense of humor, it reminds me of my Pa's.

I told Cole that he should be a Ghostbuster for Halloween next year, we're really serious and start planning for next year right away. I told him that I would be a ghost. He smiled and said, "and I will bust you Dad!"

Max had a bit of a breakdown on Halloween because he couldn't find the mask part of his dragon ninja costume. A few days later when I was vacuuming up I noticed that the vacuum, that had started smoking a few days earlier, was really hard to push still, So I flipped it over and found a ninja mask stuck in it. I'm grateful that my kiddos forgive me so quickly. They teach me so much about how to be teachable.

I locked myself outside of my house and my Pa crawled through the doggie-door to be able to get inside. Shhh, he didn't want to tell me because he knew that he'd never hear the end of it. What are Dad's for? Thank you for your CHAMPION example my Pa.

Maxwell hearing a leak downstairs, but, "being to busy writing a book" to do anything or to even tell us. I'm grateful to know that he'll never die of a heart attack, maybe he'll drowns from a leak in his house.

"Good job Curtis!" At therapy. My response is, "you sound surprised?"

Telling a second grader the wrong answer in math and telling my Pa how dumb I felt. He told me that he got answers wrong all the time while he helped us, when we were in school, even in second grade. Again, I've got a CHAMPION example.

Coleman's obsession with floss, He took some for show and tell. I guess a dry sense of humor isn't the only thing that he got from his grandpa.

What Coleman called President Utchdorf, " is that Uchiee?" No disrespect intended, I give everyone in my family nicknames as a way to endear them to me, lucky them I know.

Max gets his lunch ready and makes his juice box a cape. Why haven't they used this in advertising super juice boxes?

A bananna a day keeps the mental health therapist away. Lex told me that banannas help with depression. I wonder what Freud would say about that?

Riding paratransit with Coleman to preschool. Telling him that it's just like a ride at Disneyland. Him telling me that Abby & Max will be jealous that they didn't get come.

I save the world by recycling garbage, scraps and wrappers. Displacing water in toilet tanks, but running my sprinklers night and day times. I know that it isn't serving in the peacecore in Jordan like my friend James Garret is, but it is doing what I can with what I got.

I'm grateful to be home to screen what my kiddos watch on TV, yes I am a media-Nazi.     Here's my highlight reel:
Sept. 7: Sesame Street(rerun on 11):
Word of the day was CHAMPION
Aug.25: Sesame Street:
"Numericon" with "5ine"," Green Lan10", "Dark 9"
Cookie as "Chewy"
"Darth Baker"
"Four be with you."

"Superito" Lexy's Spanish input when I'm trying to teach them Spanish. Always a teacher, she is.

Macey's worst thing that could happen on her first day of school: "not wear a cute outfit."
Abby's worst: to be assigned as a lunch worker.

Her first day of school dance video, to one-up my sister inlaw who always does CHAMPION first day of school pics,

My tire being flat on my wheelchair.I'm glad that other people are looking out for me and can help me.

Max getting into bed with me early Saturday morning and putting his cold feet on me. I have to force him out of bed on school days by threatening to have his stuffed animal drink out of the toilet. I'm so mean, but it works every time.

Coleman's the first to wake-up in the mornings,and he's the one ready; by the door, dressed, with shoes(usually on the wrong feet), backpack and a highly nutritious lunch packed. The other two I get to yell at. I'm teaching them how to forgive their imperfect dad,

I watched an episode of "The Science of Stupid," all about piñatas, racing ride on lawnmowers, and adults playing on kid's playground equipment,at my parent's, it's a good thing we don't have cable.

Matt and Jenn took me out for our B-Day to Texas Road House and I got a steak insted of chicken strips, like I usually do. Jen told me to remember to eat my fiber when I got home.

Shaffer's sing Happy Birthday to me in Spanish, saying "aqui"(here) instead of "a Ti" (to you).They humor me with my Spanish word of the day during the summer and ask my kiddos to teach them what it is,

Showing Mindy, Aunty Em's dog that we watched for a day, how to use the doggie door.(a dog for a day was CHAMPION) my kiddos, each, had to go through it before she would.

Abby regurgitating a post that Lex read to us on FB about a girl saying that she likes it when her mom gets her up in the morning. "Dad is to cheerful."

I walk into church with my phone still playing my scriptures. I looked around to see who had the radio on, and it was me.
TMI: President Myers telling me of his use of "poopery."
"Squirrel", & Doug on UP, Lindsey, a student PT at Neuroworx. I love feeling at home there.
Singing  "If I Only Had a Brain"with my Abbyster in the morning. (I like it when my mom gets me up in the morning, Dad's to cheerful)- from Snapshots of New York
We sing,
"I could while away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
I could wile away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain

I'd unravel any riddle
For any individ'le
In trouble or in pain

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin'
You could be another Lincoln
If you only had a brain

Oh, I would tell you why
The ocean's near the shore
I could think of things I never thunk before
And then I'd sit and think some more

I would not be just a nuffin'
My head all full of stuffin'
My heart all full of pain
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain. "
Texting "nevertheless" and "notwithstanding" I'm grateful that I get some of Lex's "English teacherness" by osmosis,
Walking around my house with a Postit note on the right side of my glasses. Going to Neuroworx with it on & the therapists commenting on my "blinder." Putting "Got CHAMPION" on it.
Getting locked out of the church while cleaning windows
"danger Will Robinson" from amigo mio aka mr. Effective.

You can get away with texting anything, if you follow it with a ; p
"Ho shmo" text by amigo mio
Me texting "absolutely."
Maxwell crying about going to feed the ducks because he couldn't control which duck got the bread. I wonder where he gets control issues from?
Macey asking what's your Wi-Fi?
Big man Matt telling me my shirts on backwards & my fly was down.
Cold turkey vs hot turkey
President Taylor locking his keys to his office in his office.
What desirest thou? 1Nephi 11:10, and then verse15, missionary humor.
Coleman telling me that I need to learn to walk "frontwards" up the stairs.
Pa taking Coleman to Sam's Club and giving him 18 free samples cookie sugar high
Chat with PE teacher about kids running & it's all a Psych game.
Telling Dr. Speed that I am CHAMPION & his reaction. He's so stoic.
Elder Torriani thinking everyone at therapy were members.
On my visit to Dr. Speed chatting with Pa about what he's learned from me & me watching Abby wake up in the morning. It's no transferable. He tried it with my mom & she woke up with him staring at her. She asked him, "what are you doing? Don't, It's creepy!"
Dr. Speed not feeling like he could give me a script for PT at Neuroworx, because they have a "vested interest" in me, but then he gave me one to the U's out patient wellness program.
At Sam seminario's baptism having done some manscaping, Grandma Baugh asked if I had lost my razor but uncle Kerry told me that I had a nice beard.
Coleman's obsession with dressups
I broke my Handicane by using it as a light saber & called for a newone. The customer service rep told me that I made his day, that in 4  years of working there, he'd never heard that one. I ended the call by saying, "May the force be with you."

My idea of hell is somewhere I cannot laugh

Lex having to count at one of her students

GRAND CHAMPION, from Cuz Tiff, big man Matt & Lance saying those are fighting words!

Playing fetch with big man Matt at therapy, good boy Curtis! We'll bring you a treat & having all the therapists throw me the ball.

Mommsy & Pa get to Hawaii & it's snowing here, just to rub it in says Jan at Neuroworx.

Do you want to know the secret to always wake up with a smile on your face? Go to sleep with a hanger in your mouth! Cole liked that one.

Bishop Watkins telling me that there's light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train. My Amers found a winner book for me called "the day my butt went psycho."

I wore the BAZINGA shirt to Neuroworx & tell my therapists about how my Colester wants me ro wear my Robin shirt all the time.

Telling my Ameers about asking Lex if it was beneath me to go back to work as a teacher's aid at Horizon. She laugh and said you asked a teacher if it was beneath you to be a teacher's aide? I finally see how dumb that is.

Walking into Sunday school class and telling them to hold their applause

Drivethru adventure with my Amers, putting a cheeseburger in my pocket because I was using my cane

Murray reading time librarian telling me that it was storytime "for children."

I almost blew away on my way into storytime.

Colman wears costumes to preschool.

Looking into buying a $40,000 walkin, theraputic tub.I'm so gulable, they told me that it could cure my TBI. Luckly Lex said no.

My Mamers buying me a huge, refillable slurpee mug

Telling Coleman that it was Aunty Em's Birthday all day. Right before dinner, he says, "we must have cake!"

It wasn't me it was the on armed-man, wait, that's me

What does a storm trooper say? Max saying, deactivate your weapon!"

Kennedy looked at pictures of Neal at mom & Pa's and says, dad looked different with hair!

Coleman putting himself to bed because he was sick

Greg planting the tupae present for Shafe at Christmas

I'm a gleener

Of course I'm OCD, most brilliant people are

Sunday school ending, we're late for our other class, not that we're learning anything here

Amy's story about Mommsy throwing her gum out the sunroof.

Getting dropped off by my  Mamers after dropping Coleman and Jaylee off for preschool and feeling like I was getting dropped off from a date, while she waits in the car to make sure that I get in alright.

Get to therapy after missing a week to tell Kate that I wasn't CHAMPION because my kiddos were sick. She responds with, you really weren't CHAMPION?! Go tell Jan!

Playing with Abby
Jeffrey nonsense talk
Fighting over my night hat

Pa borrowing our lawnmower and me forgetting that he did.
Lexy's dad and brother come to put up Christmas lights and ask us where it is. Life x and I thinking that it had to be stolen
A series of unfortunate events that happend all at once.
Coleman getting into trouble and putting ice down my back
thinking that I won 500,000 dollars from gmail.

Being cold and wanted to start a fire in our fire place. Lex has the rule of no fires unless she's home, for my own safety.

Jen told me that I look less crazy without my prism sticker on my glasses

I sobbed at the Sound of Music, Lex can't take me anywhere.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Grey Friday?TgIF #8

So, an explanation about the title  if next Friday is Black Friday does that make today grey Friday? I am grateful for this week:
classical music & audio books, scriptures and conference talks on my phone while therapeutically cleaning make me smile. That's the extent of my multitasking for now.
I got a phone call from Ellis Christensen, my church pew buddie in West Jordan. We're pen pals too.
Coleman once again cuddling with me in the middle of the night.
Abby putting me to bed and tucking me in. It's suppose to be the other way around, I know.
Addiction recovery missionaries. I want to be you when I grow up.
"He lives" theme of our ward's primary program
Laundry Mondays are CHAMPION with Coleman's help. He loves to drop the dirty clothes down the stairwell.
Holidays' anticipation excitement.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

CHAMPION Friday the 13th (TgIF #7)

Coleman's preschool thought this month is, "Gratitude is the sign of Nobel souls" -Aseop
That wasn't intended to flaunt my nobleness.
Cane-free home
Doing steps out in the world with a cane.
Tiger melons that I grew and shared with the Shaffers.
Lexy giving me cash so that I could pay for a slurpee run with my Maymers. She, Maymers, even let me buy two bannanas there.
Nanna helping me help my boys put their laundry away.
Saw Lex thrive as she directed her school's musical Guys and Dolls.
Tickle wrestling with my kiddos.