Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is the rumor true? Moving explanation

We love our neighborhood, our home, and our ward family. Things have happened that were not in our control, I can no longer drive, Lexy's sister who lived by the charter school that they were going to is moving to Heber.
We are seeking the faith to do what we know is best for our family right now, to be closer to family and within walking distance from the kids school.Lex's mom keeps reminding me that we will get a "red light feeling" if we are not doing what our Heavenly Father wants us to do right now, so I'm hoping for that faith. We sold in three days and met the family that will live here. I am excited for them and know that they will be welcomed here.I even convinced my self that this move may be for them and their best. After all, the worth of a soul isn't measurable in His eyes. Lex and I are loved as perfectly as April and her family are by Him. I am not convinced that we are moving on to bigger and /or better, just that He is in charge and knows best and has always provided for us as we give our imperfect best.
Now look what you've done! turned on the water works and I don't know how the off switch works.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reflection on speaking to a LDS mutual group on May 6th, 2014

We were asked to speak in the ward of one of Lexy’s friends about our story, they were doing a mutual night on the use of media and technology. Lexy did an amazing job,she was in her element speaking to the youth.  She let me go first and had reviewed her blog posts, from almost 4 years ago now, but got up without notes and explained her reality of life pre and post accident. She even had the participants try to put on a sock or jacket while using only one arm.
I felt flustered that I just read my talk and even lost my place a few times, but Lex reassured me that I did well. Before we spoke the Bishop of the ward shared his thoughts on the section of the Strength of Youth pamphlet that covers media use. He shared a clip from Elder Bednar speaking on the wonderful time that we live in and how marvelous it is to live in such a time where the Lord is hastening His work through the use of technology. I loved how he emphasized that in a coming day we will be encircled in His arms of love and that will be a real experience, not a virtual one.

This was my talk: August 1, 2010, started like any other Sunday, we went to our church meetings and then came home and were able to get a siesta in before we were to go to my parent’s home for Sunday dinner. Lex wasn’t feeling well, so I told her to rest at home while I took our two kids. It was a fun evening with my family. I was excited that my older brother and his family were in town and we stayed later than we normally would have. I remember the madness of getting everyone in our new pontiac G3 and with my families help, thankfully, we were all buckled in and headed on our way home to my wife.
I do not remember anything about the “bump,” as we like to call it with our kids. Abby, who was 4 remembers being held and comforted by a by stander while, I was being removed from the car. She remembers the girl who hit us crying and repeatedly telling us that she was sorry. Abby had a broken arm and Maxwell my then 2 year old had a concussion and bumps and bruises. They rode in the ambulance to Primary children’s hospital, while I was stabilized with a tracheotomy, so that I could breath and then was life flighted to the University of Utah. My wife can tell you of the goings on there because I was placed in a medically induced comma, my first memory coming to was my mother smiling down at me making vowel sounds. I looked at her and tried to say, " Hi mom."  I remember waking up and telling my twin brother that I missed him, pause, A LOTt! I had died and was in a place that looked like the ceiling room of the Salt Lake Temple where Lex and I were married. There was a group of friendly people, dressed in white telling me that I could choose to come with them to where the Celestial room was, where a great light was coming from. I remember feeling a great warmth and love that came from inside me when I thought about going with them, but I told them that I couldn’t, yet. I had to come back the way that I came to finish my life as a husband and father.
My rehab has been what the founder of Neuroworx Dale Hull, where I do PT, glacerly slow, I feel every millimeter of slow, and grating progress, while others see the big chunks fall off when I take a step or move my arm.I am learning to rejoice in the small and simple things, no more running over my youngest with my wheelchair while trying to change his diaper, yeah for potty training, getting to volunteer ever week in my Abby’s classroom, and even being able to breath by myself, eat food and drink, and use the bathroom without help. I enjoy reading with my kids or anything by Dan Brown or Gospel related. I am on a book exchange with my grandma. I love being outside rolls around my block or gardening in my raised gardening boxes that my local scout group custom made for me.
I have days that I wake up and I hurt, physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as spiritually. I ask why? And have always received a peaceful feeling of love in response. I know that we are all loved and that we are here to become like our Father in Heaven so that we can return and live with Him. I know that this is only possible because of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Pull over or use a hands free device if you need to use your phone and drive. Someone else’s life may depend on it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome back. . .

to the web log of a TBIer,(Traumatic Brain Injury) the only thing that is guaranteed here is inconsistency, repetition, and chaos, within an ongoing attempt to piece together my thoughts on life. Buckle up, and please have patience with me.  It's a crazy, yet CHAMPION ride.
In my adjustment to life's current therapy of moving. I am committing to a weekly post. Anything else is bonus, but that can change as quickly as the Spring weather does here in Utah, 82 one day and snow the next, but we cannot complain about getting water in any form when we live in a desert.

Friday, May 2, 2014

"You must be the change you seek for in the world"

-Ghandi    I came back to this life to do so, I want to be a father to my kids and a husband to my amazing wife. I am no where near perfect, but I am not about to let that stop me from trying my best to do what I can. I was contacted by the author behind this Please check it out. I am excited that she would want me to participate in her life changing campaign.
My Grandma Baugh informed me that there is a new law in effect the 27th of May 2014 that outlaws the use of cell phones in a car in Utah without a hands free device.
Lex told me that at her work, Paradigm High School, the students participated in an assembly where the focus was impaired/distracted driving. The overall feeling that she got from them was that, "Their parents talk on their phones while diving, so why couldn't the do the same?"Lex tried to tell them that "we," their parents generation, don't know any better and that they could be a good example to their parents by not doing it and reminding them not too.