Monday, December 29, 2014

Light therapy

I have complained to my Neuro/rehab doctor, Dr. Speed for as long as I can remember about my loss of energy and depression, step one is recognition, check. When I met with him in August he recommended that I get a light box and give it a try, my parents had changed the light bulbs above their kitchen island and thought it had helped them and my brother in-law had seen them used in the office when they were back in Chicago. I  got one and use it in the mornings when I get dressed and am excited to say that It works for me. I like to leave it on as I study my scriptures and fill my lamp spiritually for the day. I know that our Savior Jesus Christ is the light that will help us find our way. I love Him and am grateful for this physical reminder of my dependence on Him.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Some Miracles Take Time"

By Art E. Berg was given to me by my good friend Ellis Christensen and recommended to me by my other good friend and former Bishop Nathan Hanson. I savored this book for about a month and a half, thinking the whole time that my story had been told by Art. I got really excited to learn of his CHAMPION moments, as well as his "Goliaths"or in my terminology Everests  to overcome. He is one of my CHAMPION heroes, you never have to look far to find one. I was eager to contact him, so much so that I tried calling the number listed on the inside of his book cover several times to the current holder of the number's annoyance and wrote him a letter to the address listed there as well.Yesterday, I wised up a bit, something about this TBI make me in need of some extra time, I finally Googled him to find out that he passed away in 2002. Sad for me and his friends and family, but not for him. What did we do before Google? Lesson learned, I hope, before getting all excited to one day shake some one's hand to tell them. "thank you," do your homework to make sure that they are still around.
I have a thing with time, to explain I will go back to sixth grade, I was 11 years old and in Mrs. Renz's class at Horizon elementary. We did a getting to know yow worksheet to get us all flying together in a "V" formation for our year long learning adventure, like swans. her, mrs. Renz's, imagery not mine, but I loved it and my time in her class. One of the questions was fill in the blank: "I am most afraid of . . ."   I remember explaining my answer of "time" because I never had enough of it when you wanted more, but there was too much of it when you were waiting for something. Prone to/addicted to worry here, unfortunately it can be passed on, my sweet Abby worries about everything and anything.
A few highlights, from the introduction Art quotes Elder Boyd K. Packer, "Some people think a miracle is only a miracle if it happens instantaneously, but miracles can grow slowly and patience and faith can compel things to happen that otherwise never would have come to pass." and Spencer W. Kimball stated, "there are infinitely more miracles today than in any age past." That is followed by this poem by Grace Troy:"
I know not why His hand is laid In chastening on my life,
 Nor why it is my little world Is filled so full of strife;
I know not why when faith looks up And seeks for rest from pain,
That o'er my sky fresh clouds arise And drench my path with rain.
 I know not why my prayer so long By Him has been denied; Nor why, while other's ships sail on, Mine should in port abide.
But I do know that God is love, That He my burden shares, And though I may not understand I know for me He cares. I know the heights for which I long Are often reached through pain, I know the sheaves must needs be threshed To yield the golden grain. 'Tis that I thus may learn to love And know as I am known, I will not care how rough the road That leads me to my home."
That is just the beginning.I found myself relating to this book in ways that I never imagined possible.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Put the "Learning" back into the curve.

I get into funks, like everyone else. My most recent funk has been a bit of a stalling out, I feel some-what stuck, the thought keeps running through my head that I am finally getting caught up, or getting a handle on things and then I notice that I failed to look all the way to my left and there are a million other things that I need to be doing, such is life.
I am excited for any progress at all. I chatted with my Neuro-doctor about how the closer I get in my recovery to pre-TBI Curtis activity, the more I am prone to make the comparison. He told me that I was not being fair with myself to make the comparison.
So, welcome to my new, post TBI life:
a "wheelchair-free" home, volunteering at Abby and Max's school every Tuesday mornings until lunch time. Thank you Nanna, Lexy's mom for taking Coleman so that I can do this. I love being in the classroom to be involved in my kiddos' education.
taking Coleman to preschool with my sister Amers three times a week. She likes me, I'm not sure what's wrong with her, but I'm glad that she does. We still treat ourselves to a slurpee a week.
I love to read in my down time. I still love being on a book exchange with my Grandma Baugh. I always have Lex reading something for school, it's a CHAMPION challenge to try and keep up with her.
Life is all about curves, it isn't a matter of "if," but of "When"