Monday, August 31, 2015


I met with my therapist Dr. Robbinson again this past Friday, thanks to my Pa Baugh for his help getting me there. Dr. Robbinson told me that if I am going to see him more regularly, that he'll have to be mean. That's what it takes to get through to me. He told me of a story of a patient who had an ear inner ear infection, so he got vertigo really bad and had to quit his job and stay home(I have a hard time relating to this man and wonder what Dr. Robinson was getting at?). He couldn't  do anything in his house because his Vertigo was so bad. So, his wife had to go back to work to support him and their children. Dr. Robinson and him discovered that this patient had to feel miserable because it proved how good of a person he was. If he had to be home all day and couldn't do anything and his wife was working to support him AND he enjoyed it. That just proved how big of a scoundrel he was. Dr. Robinson called it preemptive suffering.
So i'm a bit of a scoundrel. Yes, that "bit" is minimization of my situation. I love being a dad and am learning to be grateful for my unique circumstance that allows me to be the primary care giver to them. Now, to be a dad, was daunting as a nondisabled person and i'm grateful for family and friends who are close and help. Not to mention a brillant wife who does it all.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


My in-laws are serving a service mission in the women's prison. They shared with us that the Branch President told them that if they saw some of the women that they were teaching return and relapse, that they were there because they "needed to learn something."He counseled them to treat them the same way that we teach our children to walk, we know they will fall as part of the process.What they and all of us need is encouragement. I continue to get so much loving support:
Matt, my brother,  cheers me on when he sees me walking and is sure to point out any progress that I make. Mikey, my therapist at Neuroworx does the same. Lex is ever reassuring me to take the next step, asking me to please put the milk away, when I motion that I have to hold my hiking pole with my good hand she asks me if I am able to walk without it at therapy, and cheers me on when I reproachfully attempt to do so. I love the image of our Heavenly Father treating us with the same compassion in our individualized life's therapy. My inlaws have also shared the story of Sister Rogers who was in and out of prison 24 times. She said that the turning point in her life came when she was ordered to rehab and her mother had to drive her everyday from her home to the center within the same city. Her mother always told her that she loved her. That love helped her know that she was worth something and gave her the courage to change. I know that this is a lesson learned in an extreme circumstance, but in our everyday experiences with relapses with our own weaknesses, we need the same reassurance to give us the courage to continue forward.
My assigned friend in the ward, President Myers keeps telling me that I need to believe that I can do it. We just had luch together and chatted about the last lesson in Elder's Quorum that he gave and my feedback of shutting down and getting defensive if I am feeling like someone is teying to motivate me by guilt. He assured me that, that wasn't his intentions and after thanking me for fylfulling my calling as an instructor in the qurom. I felt that the only real way to influence others for good is to love them.

National Twin Day

Instead of texting my CHAMPION Twin, My Matthew on a Saturday before 7AM, I'll write a blog post here. People ask me what it's like to be a twin?  My smart alic response is to ask them, what is it like not being a twin? My Matt has always been there for me. I love you Matthew. After 34 years I finally found out that there's a National Twin Day. Thanks for taking the pressure off me by being the good twin. You're a CHAMPION example.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My CHAMPION 5 year rebirthday Saturday, Aug 5.

5 years ago on Aug. 5, 2010, my life changed drastically as I became a living miracle. I wish that I could say that i've lived up to the second chance that I have been given. No surprise that I still struggle.
I went to Lex's Annie Get Your Gun preformance for the third night. This time with my parents and my boys, my Abber had tech rehursal for her show. It was the best way to celebrate being alive still.
On my 5th rebirthday,  I went golfing as a caddie, I failed in that regard as I didn't know anything about what club to use, or even have an app to help with yardage, with my Elder's Quorum. I had no idea that ridding in a golf cart was so much fun. Gracias Connor, AKA Bubbles.