Monday, December 12, 2016


Unfortunately, I really didn't go on any exotic trips,I love to travel and am sure that I'd love it even more if I got paid to do it, but I did take some time off from blogging. One of my mental health therapists, I went through a handful to find the one I currently see, told me that it'd be healthy for me to take a step back from projects to get a better perspective on things. I do pick and choose what I choose to implement, no matter if i'm learning from a therapist or not. I'm not sure how often that'll post but I do have thirty-two post, including this one, in the "draft" column and I'm still alive and therefore learning, hopefully.

Monday, February 29, 2016


I don't know if you noticed but I tend to get on kicks: mission, Return With Honor posts, lots of laughs, gratitude, and currently reading, just to name a few. I learn tons from each one and am excited to find out "what's next?" Wait, didn't I do a post on that? I also go on breaks, I wanted to type, "Sabbaticals," but I'm not cool enough for those. I had to get the internet of my phone,, it was to much of a distraction for me trying to be a CHAMPION Mr. Mom at home, something had to give. So, I am at the library, it's where all the cool people are any way, to make a post.