Saturday, October 31, 2015

CHAMPION Halloween (TgIF #6)

I am a slacker. I got an email from my gGrandma Baugh yesterday letting me know that I haven't posted on here for quite a while. She was worried that she was being too pushy. I responded to her by letting her know that I need that push every now and then, but of course I joked with her and told her that I tell my physical therapists that it's fine if they're going to push me, but I push back. She isn't intimidated and neither are my PTs. I'm  flattered that she takes the time to read my ramblings here.
I post on my phone now that my computer stopped charging. I down graded to a non-smartphone and made it only two days. So that's my excuse for the delay in posting. I'm grateful for the texting ability, contacts, scriptures, audio books, Kindle, and Evernote, AKA electronic brain ability of my phone, as well as the E-Mail,but not junk mail.

Enough about my electronic brain. I got an actual letter from my Grandma Baugh, and it wasn't even my Birthday.  I'm still trying to follow her example and write  letters to those who I feel impressed to do so, but i've been a slacker for a few weeks now. My letter list keeps growing. But now I also am out of cards & envelopes. My excuses grow congruently to my list size unfortunately.

Its been back to survival mode here at our house because Alexie producing her school musical this year she doing "Guys and Dolls."  It runs in two weeks. I'm grateful that she's able to juggle so much. Her example astounds me. She is acutely and painfully aware of her inability to do everything, but she does so much.

At the first  of this month General Conference  was CHAMPION. I'm grateful that were able to have access so quickly to the written talks that were given and that I'm able to study them and "ponderize" the messages that were given.

I've been offered a job at Neuroworx, as the coordinator for their wellness program. We're still working out the details on what days to go in,  how to work from home, and what I'll be doing with Coleman and things like that, but I'm excited and flattered for the opportunity. To quote a talk given in General Conference,  "it will all work out."

My mindfulness and Buddhist study is continuing. I'm grateful for the insight and paradigm shift that this is allowing me to have on my life. Most recently I've been thinking about how distracted I am and how non-present  that makes me. I'm constantly thinking about the pasti choose to focus on all my regrets and also projecting into the future, with thinking about things that I have no control over. My study has allowed me to become more grounded in and to realize how happy I can be in this present moment. After all, when it comes down to it, the only moment that I'm able to be happy, or sad or mad or grumpy, you name the motion. (It sounds like I'm naming all of the Seven Dwarfs in Sleeping Beauty.)  I am only  able to control this present moment and nothing else, so why not make it CHAMPION on my part?
I started volunteering at Coleman's preschool teaching Spanish once a week there. I'm grateful for the time that I'm able to spend with him. You should see him on the paratransit bus he thinks that it's just like Disneyland, I think I've mentioned this before and am grateful that he continues to think that it's cool.
I used to be so afraid to teach elder's quorum. Now that I teach only once a month, I'm getting more comfortable, for better or worse and I'm grateful for the elders in my quorm, for their understanding and their willingness  to participate with me. I am now used to the the youth Sunday school program of "Come Follow Me," where the  monthly topic is given and I I served as more of a discussion leader than the actual teacher. The Elders in my quorm make this a CHAMPION experience by choosing to share on topic.

I find myself trying to make this post bigger and better than it needs to be because of my absence in posting. I feel like it's a debut for something and that I'm failing, but that's just my perfectionist thinking going crazy, nothing new there.
So to wrap it up here, I'm grateful for my ability to continue to learn from life's therapy. I realize that it's only through the atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ that makes this possible. My dad, my  President Pa Baugh was able to give the third hour lesson for our Ward Conference a few weeks ago. he gave it on the sacrament. He talked about how in the Sacrament prayers he likes to replace the pronoun "we"  to "I," this makes it more personal. He also emphasized that this is the only ordinance that we do regularly in the church that is for ourself. I am grateful for his example in continuing to learn and share what he is learning with others.